“This superbly informative, affecting documentary about an undying bond between man and beast may well be the most moving film of 2011.”
– David Noh, Film Journal International

 Sixteen years have passed since David Balding adopted Flora, the orphaned baby African elephant he lovingly raised as part of his family and made the star of his show. As Flora approaches adulthood, he realizes that she is not happy performing. Ultimately, David must face the difficult truth that she is not "a dog or a daughter" and needs to be with other elephants. The road to Flora’s retirement, however, is a difficult and emotional journey which tests their bond in unexpected ways. Ten years in the making, One Lucky Elephant explores the human-animal bond through one man's love for his elephant.


“The thinking person’s DUMBO. A parable of pachydermish proportions. A profoundly anti-Disney type of animal story, that forsakes romance for tough reality.”  
– John Anderson, Variety

“A timely, emotionally engaging look at interspecies bonds. ONE LUCKY ELEPHANT is a story of love and heartache and second chances. Impressive and affecting.”
– Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter

One Lucky Elephant … Admirably, and gently, raises questions about the folly and hubris of a relationship that may only ever be one-sided.”
– Melissa Anderson, Village Voice